Tayla Williams is on the ball

Tayla Williams is on the ball

Tayla Williams has been flying high in her sporting career, playing for the Adelaide Thunderbirds since 2020.

The SASI graduate has also been doing stellar work off the court, recently completing a double degree in Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, and Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences. In addition to this, she’s currently completing her Sports Nutrition accreditation.

For National Careers Week (15 – 21 May 2023), we asked about her career path so far which has led her to going a role at ABC Performance Nutrition as a coaching assistant.

Where are you working and what does your job involve?

AB Performance Nutrition as a coaching assistant. My main duties include writing meal plans, working with clients to educate and improve their nutrition knowledge and planning, creating resources and delivering presentations. A variety of things which I love!

What are your career aspirations outside of sport?

Help as many people as possible keep fit and healthy. I love working with individuals and helping people achieve their goals, whether that be through sport, nutrition, exercise or just general life.

How important is it for athletes to balance their careers and sport?

I found it to be one of the key things that keep me sane and performing well in my sport. Having the balance and outlet of knowing when you leave your sport or when you arrive at study/work, you are almost a different person and can leave whatever happened at training or that match behind you. It gives you a break and makes you more grateful and present in the moment and at the location you are currently, whether that be at work or sport.

How do you maintain work and study while competing on tour or in your daily training environment?

It does take a bit of organisation and scheduling but as long as you have somewhat planned when you are going to focus on certain aspects of your life, it is so much more rewarding. As sports people, generally we are pretty well trained to be organised and to stick to a schedule, so as long as you are planning things in advance and communicating with those around you where you need to be and when, it’s not too difficult at all!

What are some of the skills you have developed through your sport that are transferrable to your career away from sport?

Sport provides so many key skills and benefits that I know I wouldn’t have obtained the jobs and experiences I have without my involvement in sports. It has allowed me to work in teams and build my leadership, communication, sportsmanship, teamwork and collaboration skills. It has improved my organisation, time management, discipline and resilience. It has helped me to become more confident speaking in front of and with people and it has taught me how to cope with losing or missing out on selection which can all be applied to any job or situation in life.

What are you enjoying about your current study or work?

I’m enjoying that I get to work in a different area and with wonderful people, all while getting to help people improve their nutrition knowledge and achieve their goals!

What’s a tip you could give other athletes thinking of studying, working or volunteering while still training and competing?

I think it makes you a well-rounded person and athlete. If you are unsure about if it would suit you, I would recommend trialling something like volunteering and you’ll soon see not only how rewarding it is but how much more of a positive work-life balance you will have!