Athletes set to help drive LGBTIQ+ inclusion in Australian sport  

Athletes set to help drive LGBTIQ+ inclusion in Australian sport  

Two SASI scholars are amongst the 16 Australian athletes who have made a commitment to help make sport a more inclusive place after being appointed as the new AIS Thrive with Pride ambassadors.

Female cyclist racing on a bike in a velodrome

Sprint cyclist Kalinda Robinson and water polo athlete Alyssa West have been announced as ambassadors for the program, which will see rainbow athletes and allies drive LGBTIQ+ inclusion initiatives within their sporting communities over the next six months.

Kalinda is determined to improve the experience for the next generation of athletes.

“As a young athlete growing up in a rural area with discrimination highly prevalent, LGBTIQ+ representation in sport gave me hope that I might one day have the courage to live my truth,” Robinson said.

“My aspiration in putting myself forward for the Thrive with Pride Program was to provide younger athletes with more representation so that they might be brave enough to live true to their identity, and to educate others in the creation of a safe and supportive community.”

AIS Acting Director Matti Clements congratulated each of the new ambassadors and said the appointment has come at a momentous time.

“We know how powerful the athletes voice is so to have 16 Australian athletes helping to educate and drive such important initiatives and conversations is really exciting.”

“There’s also a huge amount of momentum at the moment with close to 20 sporting events being held during the Sydney WorldPride 2023 festival, all aimed at promoting visibility and inclusion of LGBTIQ+ people in sport, which is what our program is all about.”

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has once again engaged the expertise of Pride in Sport and Proud 2 Play who will work alongside the athletes to ensure they feel equipped and empowered to be role models in this space.

More information about the program can be found here.