New high-tech app to test water for Australian swimmers

Trialed by SASI, Swimming Australia and AIS, an upgraded software app will be made available to Australian high performance programs and coaches soon. The ultimate aim is to help athletes win medals at the world swimming championships in July in South Korea and 2020 Tokyo Olympics

A STATISTICAL and video analysis software app created and developed by SASI will be implemented nationally after overwhelming support from coaches around the country.

Known as The Locker the app will be upgraded by Australian-based technology company Perana Sports to give coaches user-friendly information and video to show swimmers immediately after competing or training.

Used in the SASI swim program under the leadership of SASI Performance Analyst Tim Rawlins in collaboration with SASI Head Coach Peter Bishop, the upgraded app will give coaches the chance to show athletes vision of their current and past swims all at the touch of a button.

The program's bottom line is to help win medals at the world swim titles in Gwangju, South Korea, between July 14 and 28 and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

AIS Deputy Director Applied Technology and Innovation's Ian Burns was thrilled with the new program.

"It's a fantastic applied application, developed in close collaboration between the developer, the coach and performance analyst,'' Mr Burns said.

"SASI is to be congratulated for this significant contribution to the national system.''

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