Countdown begins to unearth SASI's new cycling stars at TDU

The Santos Tour Down Under 2019 will be  the place to give budding cyclists a chance to take part in SASI's Talent Search program - Pedal2Podium

SOME of Australia's next cycling champions could be discovered during the 2019 Tour Down Under when the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) launches its popular talent identification program - Pedal2Podium.

The campaign, in its fifth year and to be run between Saturday, January 12, and Sunday, January 20, aims to identify males and females aged between 12 and 15 years with either power and/or cardiovascular endurance who could have the potential to become Australia’s future cycling champions.

Testing is in the tour village in Victoria Square with SASI Head Cycling Coach Brett Aitken and current Podium Potential Academy squad member and SASI scholarship athlete Maeve Plouffe attending various sessions (check SASI Facebook and Twitter pages for daily updates).

Kael Thomas and Luke Wight, both talent-identified athletes and current SASI scholars, also will attend sessions.

The Pedal2Podium initiative allows aspiring boys and girls aged between 12 and 15 years to take tests to measure their speed, power and strength in six second and two-minute sprints on stationary watt bikes.

Talent Search Coordinator Susan Bassett said the TDU was an exciting time to possibly find that next superstar of the sport.

"It is a great program," Ms Bassett said. "Most of the young people are at the Tour Down Under because of their interest in cycling and to see them come through and have a test can be exciting. many of our past and current SASI Cycling schoalrs have come through the SASI Talent ID program".

"Cycling is a fantastic competitive sport option for young athletes and we provide  a chance for those who test well to take it further if they show promise."

At the end of testing phase at the TDU the Sports Science team at SASI will analyse the results and determine which athletes to invite to SASI’s dedicated physiology laboratory for further testing.

From there athletes will be selected into Cycling South Australia's Talent ID squad for 2019.

Testing will take place, during the Tour, in the Tour Village in Victoria Square from Saturday, January 12, to Sunday, January 20, inclusive.

Times are Monday to Saturday 3pm to 8pm and Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Young people interested in testing for other sports can keep an eye on SASI's Facebook page for information about those sports.

TDU Hot Weather Policy 2019

As per the heat policy for SASI athletes any participants, staff or volunteers at the TDU must adhere to the guidelines below. These guidelines have been slightly modified to account for the fact that most participants will most likely be untrained young teenagers.

TDU Testing guidelines

  • Temp > 36 degrees NO testing to be completed
  • Temp > 32 degrees Only 6 sec test to be completed


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