SASI and Giordana supporting elite cycling performance

The South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) has partnered with premium cycling apparel brand Giordana to offer its cycling athletes cutting edge performance uniforms.

SASI x Giordana

Giordana, a brand with Italian roots, has a long history of developing performance apparel for elite cyclists around the world.

The Giordana difference is found not just in its quality but also in the care which garments are made, providing comfort and style to cyclists for every ride.

Their reputation precedes them, crafting cycling kit that combines advanced materials, ergonomic design, and aerodynamic efficiency.

SASI cyclist Tayte Ryan, described how vital cycling apparel is to yielding good results on the track.

“It’s really important because when you are in a high-pressure situation, you really need everything to be correct… everything needs to be perfect on race day situations,” Ryan said.

“I had not had much experience with the Giordana kit outside of SASI… but having recently just been given some, it’s awesome… it’s so comfortable, it fits so well, and it looks really good.

“It’s vital to have good apparel when you’re racing… because nothing can go wrong if you just focus on racing, and you don’t have to focus on other issues.”

Fresh from winning his first world championship title and three gold medals at the Trinbago Commonwealth Youth Games, the newly formed partnership between SASI and Giordana has proven to be a winning one for Tayte, combining top of the line apparel with world class training.

“Just the amount of support we get from coaches, other athletes, and just the community of SASI is really supporting in itself,” Ryan said.

“We have the best facilities, great coaches, and everyone has so much knowledge that they just want to share.”

By adopting Giordana's technically advanced cycling wear, SASI has reinforced its commitment to nurturing its cycling talent and facilitating their rise to international prominence.

“Giordana Cycling is delighted to support SASI in encouraging young cyclists to pursue their sporting dreams.,” Giordana Founder and CEO Giorgio Andretta said.

“SASI supports developing athletes to build character and confidence and we are proud to have been chosen as a partner.”

Athletes will benefit from the brand’s extensive research and development, which results in gear optimised for both competitive and training environments.

For more information about Giordana and their products, visit: (Australian distribution by De Grandi Cycle & Sport).