Cyclists primed for success

A total of 29 South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) athletes and graduates have been selected into the AusCycling Podium Potential Academy (PPA) for 2022.

Amber Pate Podium Potential Academy

Included in this list are two SASI athletes who have graduated into the AusCycling Podium Potential Academy (PPA), Amber Pate and Carlos Carismo.

The PPA, launched in 2018, focuses on the continual development of athletes, preparing them to compete at the 2024 Olympic/Paralympic Games and beyond.

To prepare them for the podium program and Olympic/Paralympic success, the Academy works to offer athletes a balanced and extensive curriculum.

The PPA is a developmental step that gives full-time athletes more support while they are still managing university and other commitments.

Pate is a former triathlete who was discovered by SASI Head Cycling Coach Brett Aitken who played an integral role aiding her transition to the track.

“After we discovered her and she became a SASI athlete we discussed her goals and the first was to really try and make the podium potential academy,” Aitken said.

“She’s done it very quickly and it’s a credit to her work effort; she has incredible determination which is a trait that has allowed her to reach where she is.”

The 26-year-old has only been in the SASI environment for the past year and a half and her selection to the Academy has come at an ideal time to help develop her cycling career.

SASI Sprint Coach, James Glasspool says Pate’s fast development has been something truly special to be a part of.

Glasspool, having also worked with Carismo since his induction in 2017 believes it’s no surprise to see him also reach the Academy.

“We always knew the talent was there with Carlos, he represented Australia in the Junior World Championships in 2019 and won a silver medal in the team sprint,” Glasspool said.

“He has always made sure that everything gets done exactly how it should be, he’s very hardworking and generally just an overall very good human.

“This is something he has wanted for a long time, so hopefully he makes the most of his opportunity and reaches the ability that we all know is there.”

The combination of everyone at SASI supporting the athletes both on and off the bike has been a key component in the successes of these cyclists.

“It’s a credit to everybody within SASI that allows the kids to be able to continue to grow not just as athletes but as people too,” Glasspool said.

“We have all the tools here that we need, everything works together, and we are very proud that these two young athletes have been selected into the Academy.”

Full list of SASI athletes/graduates in the AusCycling Podium Potential Academy (PPA) for 2022:

Track – Women's Endurance

Podium Ready
Alex Manly
Chloe Moran
Maeve Plouffe
Sophie Edwards

Podium Potential

Amber Pate

Track – Men's Endurance

Alex Porter

Track – Men's Sprint

Podium Ready
Matthew Glaetzer

Podium Potential
Carlos Carisimo
James Brister 
Leigh Hoffman

Road – Men


Rohan Dennis


Paige Greco
Meg Lemon
Darren Hicks
Kaitlyn Schurmann
Grant Allen
Beau Wootton

Developing Athletes

Angus Miller – Endurance
Katarina Chung-Orr - Endurance
Maxwell Liebeknecht - Sprint
Zac Marriage – Endurance
Oliver Bleddyn - Endurance

Emerging Athletes

Alli Anderson - Endurance
Aston Freeth - Endurance
Dylan Stanton - Sprint
Ella Sibley - Sprint
Leo Zimmermann - Endurance
Meg Marker - Endurance
Will Holmes - Endurance