SASI Head Hockey Coach Tim White takes the next big step in his career

The South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) wishes to congratulate its Head Hockey Coach Tim White on his new role as Assistant Coach for the Belgium women’s national field hockey team.

Tim White and the hockey team

White will finish at SASI today before moving to Belgium and starting his new role on 1 February 2021.

Working as the Head Hockey Coach at SASI for eight years, White looked back on his time with SASI fondly, which gave him the opportunity to grow professionally.

“I started in a teaching role at SASI and then a year later was offered a role to join the team as the Head Hockey Coach which has been the best experience,” White said.

“I have loved my time here working in a high performance environment with incredible athletes and staff.”

In his role with SASI, White has also worked at a national level with Hockey Australia.

White describes the highlight of his career as being the Head Coach of the Australian women’s national junior field hockey team, when they won a bronze medal at the 2016 Junior World Cup.

SASI Director Wes Battams said it had been a privilege to have Tim on the team as a SASI coach for almost a decade, acknowledging his contributions to the hockey community.

“His progression as coach to secure a national and now international role is a tribute to his professionalism and his outstanding ability to work with and lead people,” Battams said.

We thank Tim for his amazing work during his time with SASI and look forward to seeing him continue his stellar career in Belgium.