The practice of sport psychology focuses on the provision of performance psychology and psychological support for high performance athletes as part of an interdisciplinary approach with SASI’s targeted high performance sport programs.  The Sport Psychologist works closely with the coaches and athletes to develop individualized performance enhancement strategies while ensuring a holistic approach is achieved regarding the mental health and wellbeing of every athlete and coach.

The primary focus of sport psychology includes (but is not limited to):

  • assisting athletes with the development of their individual performance potential,
  • helping to regulate arousal, stress and emotion,
  • improving confidence, commitment and concentration,
  • developing and refining performance preparation for training and competitions,
  • optimizing recovery and regeneration activity,
  • improving quality decision-making during training and competitive performances,
  • enhancing team dynamics and cohesion,
  • ensuring optimal coach – athlete relations and communication, and
  • rehabilitation of injury ensuring optimal readiness to return to sport.