Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement

What is Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement (AW&E)?

The Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement Program assists athletes develop a balance between life activities and sports performance, with a strong focus on overall wellbeing.

AW&E services are available to all SASI scholarship holders, and National Sporting Organisation athletes based in South Australia.

How can Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement help?

The AW&E Program tailors specific resources to reflect the individual needs and aspirations of athletes. This can include one to one and / or small group sessions.

Key Services

Career Pathways

  • Empowering athletes’ understanding of their values, skills and preferences
  • Acknowledging the changing world of work and employers’ expectations
  • Developing goals and a plan to achieve non-sporting aspirations

Lifestyle Management

  • Balancing the commitments of sport, education and life
  • Understanding athlete identities, their brand and presence in person, online and on paper
  • Supporting life outside of sport, so athletes are better positioned for optimising performance

Educational Guidance

  • Assist in the navigation and understanding of educational pathways across all levels (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
  • Advocacy and liaison with schools and key stakeholders to ensure adequate support is available for student athletes
  • Access to resources and key contacts to inform athletes and significant others of educational opportunities

Employment Preparation

  • Career information and resources to improve labour market awareness
  • Assist in Resume and cover letter development
  • Guidance through job search, application processes and interviewing skills

Transitional Support

  • Providing services and resources to assist with non-selection, retirement, injury and relocation
  • Navigating and adjusting to the challenges of significant life circumstances
  • Understanding and planning for life outside and after sport


For Athletes

For Coaching / Support Staff

For Parents / Significant Others