Sport dieticians help elite athletes with applied nutrition, hydration, and adequate recovery to maintain their training and performance at high levels.

This is important because developing and performing as an athlete is more complex and demanding than simply attaining a high level of fitness or skills and staying-in-shape for competitions.

Sport dieticians work with individual athletes on sport specific nutrition issues or concerns, including:

  • meeting the energy demands of training and competition, while optimising body mass and body composition for health and performance
  • achieving macronutrient intakes that improve preparation for and recovery from, training and competition
  • Making sure adequate carbohydrate and protein  are consumed at the right times.
  • consuming a variety of foods to provide an adequate intake of micronutrients.
  • optimising athletes' hydration.

Squad based interventions include:

  • practical cooking classes
  • specific educational workshops such as; use of supplements, recovery, hydration and national/international team travel.

Athletes are taught to apply sound nutrition strategies to support good health, decrease the risk of injury or illness and increase performance.

Depending on the topic, Sport Nutrition services can be delivered individually to athletes or collectively for squads

Sport nutrition services are held in consultation with the head coach together with other performance services staff and allied sports medicine services providers.

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