Performance Services

SASI prides itself on the experience and expertise of the Program Coaches who are supported to develop world class athletes by a range of support staff with expertise in areas including Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement (AW&E), movement science, physiology, psychology, sports medicine services, and strength / conditioning and talent search. SASI Talent Search has identified many athletes who have gone on to represent Australia at Olympic and World Championship events.

Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement

The objective of the Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement initiative is to assist athletes to make informed decisions that impact performance in sport and life as they navigate through their high performance pathway.


SASI coaches teach athletes how to improve by analysing their performances, instructing them in relevant skills, providing motivation and enhancing their capabilities.

Movement Science

The movement science unit optimises athletic performance by assessing and evaluating aspects of human movement.


Sports Physiology applies scientific principles and research to improve athletic performance.


Sport psychology focuses on development of mental skills with the aim of improving consistency and enhancing performance.

Sports Medicine Services

The high demands of elite sport make timely, effective illness and injury prevention or treatment integral to the successful development of our athletes.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning (S&C) is physical preparation of athletes for high level performance – to give them the greatest advantage in national and international competition.

Talent search

Have you got the potential to be a world class athlete?