Sally Hunter





Started with SASI (Year)


Residing (Suburb)


Grew Up (Suburb)

Gnangara, Perth, WA

Sally Hunter

1st club
Central Aquatic Swimming and Lifesaving Club

Current club

Peter Bishop

High School
Wanneroo SHS

When and why did you start in this sport?
I could swim before I could walk, I come from a large family of swimmers and coaches and I think it was in my blood, I was Born to Swim.

What is your short term goal?
To continue improving and swimming faster, getting the best performance out of myself at the upcoming Pan Pacific Championships on the Gold Coast in a weeks time, and keep enjoying every moment I get to compete in the sport I love.

What is your ultimate career goal?
Honesty I have already achieved a few of them but now I am just swimming and trying to get the best out of myself every time I train and race, l  love swimming and I`m not sure how long I will continue for. After nine consecutive years on the Senior Australian Swimming Team including two Olympics, two Commonwealth Games, 4 world Championships and numerous other team, I am happy to say I love my sport and as long as I keep improving and bettering myself and loving what I do I'm going to keep going. Now for me my goals are to be happy in and out of the pool.

What is your proudest sporting achievement/performance?
Qualifying for my first Australian Team in 2006 for the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in the 200m Breaststroke ( I dropped 3 seconds of my best time to Qualify) And my second was winning my first Long Course International Individual medal this year the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in at personal best time at the age of 29.

Who is your favourite sporting hero?
Daniel Kowalski, because not only was he an incredible athlete and swimmer, but and amazing person with a heart of gold, what he does and has done for myself and fellow Australian swimmers now that his swimming career is finished is nothing short of being a Miracle worker. His passion for making sure we as athletes are represented and our voices heard is amazing and I believe he is what you call a true "Sporting Hero".

Best place visited while travelling as an athlete?
Barcelona in Spain, what an incredible city with amazing food, architecture, art and an incredible history. Every time I get to go back I see something new and wonderful.

What is the best advice you have been given and who offered it to you?
"Keep Smiling" and from my nanna (Winifred de Lacy)

Tell us about your current training schedule?
Describe an average day for you? How about I describe my day as my husband believes I spend my so called "charmed existence", I train, eat, sleep, eat, train, eat and then sleep some more ;0) (I do 8 pool sessions ranging from 1-2 hours all with 20 minutes of dry land training before every session, I do 2 gym sessions, 3 pilates sessions and 1 spin cycle session).

What do you do for fun and relaxation?
Hang out with my husband, going to the movies, shopping, eating out and just spending time with him and our two dogs.