Annette Edmondson





Home Town

Training Location

Main Event

Annette Edmondson

Bachelor of Health Science (currently deferred)

How did you start in this sport
SASI talent identification program

Ultimate sporting goal
Olympic Champion

Proudest sporting achievement
Commonwealth Games Gold

Best place visited while travelling as an athlete
Coast of Spain and Mountains of Northern Italy

Best advice you have been given
"Do whatever makes you happy", and "Make a decision, you can always make another decision later". From my Dad.

Describe an average training day
As it's currently road season, I ride on the road 6 days a week, averaging around 3 hours a day, combined with 2 core sessions a week. Today I did 2.5 hours with 3x10km race pace team time trial efforts.

What do you do for fun and relaxation
Go to the beach if it's sunny! If not listen to music at home or head to a coffee shop with friends.

Favourite sporting hero
Chris Hoy