Alex Edmondson






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Stirling, SA

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Alex Edmonson

St Johns Grammar / Marden Senior College

How did you start in this sport
I have always been mad about bikes. I was downhill mountain biking at the time Nettie started on the SASI Talent Identification Program which said she would be good at Cycling. I went along to one of her trainings and loved it. The following year SASI tested me and found I would suit cycling, from then on I put on Lycra and was a road and track cyclist!

Ultimate sporting goal
To win an Olympic Gold Medal on the track and to win Flanders on the road. I also want to be able to look back at my career when I am retired and be able to say I have no regrets and I achieved everything I wanted!

Proudest sporting achievement
For me it was either winning the 2014 Individual Pursuit World Title in Cali, Colombia or winning the Silver medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. Both of these were very special moments for me because I had dedicated so much and given 100%. 

Best place visited while travelling as an athlete
That's a hard one! But in general I would have to say Italy! The food, training roads, scenery oh and the gelato is so good!!

Best advice you have been given
I have had a couple of sayings which have really stuck with me. Firstly from my parents who from a very young age used to say, 'Follow you're heart, if that's what you love then do that!'

And secondly from my coach Tim Decker who always says, 'The sky's the limit, if you have a dream you can get it!'. Which for me is why the Individual Pursuit at the World Champs and Com Games mean so much to me.

Describe an average training day
I have just returned home from overseas and a short break so it's time to get back into it. Firstly I have road rides ranging from 2 hours up to 7 hours. Some days I have road in the morning and gym sessions or ergo sessions in the afternoon. When I'm not training I'm either eating or sleeping!

What do you do for fun and relaxation
For me I love to spend time with my family and especially my labrador Hamish! I also spend a lot of time with my friends mucking around doing anything and everything including cycling!

Favourite sporting hero
For me it is Shane Kelly and Jack Bobridge. Ever since I first started cycling I have looked up to them.