What is SASI

Our Mission - Our Goals

Established in 1982, the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) was Australia's first state sports institute. It is a division of the Office for Recreation and Sport in the South Australian Government.

SASI identifies, develops and supports athletes with the potential to perform at the highest national and international levels of sport.

The institute works with sporting partners to conduct world-class intensive coaching and training programs and individual scholarship programs.

Delivering leading edge scientific and technical support, SASI supports the holistic development of athletes, coaches and staff.

SASI Team Charter

As team members and individual professionals we are committed, driven and guided by our team charter and culture.

We believe these principles and actions allow us to identify, support and develop South Australian athletes to take on and beat the world's best.

We will develop world class athletes and deliver the highest quality daily training environments and support services through:


We will:

  • Set aspirational goals and standards.
  • Consistently exceed goals and expectations in our key performance areas.
  • Benchmark our operations against our peers and the world's best.
  • Have a targeted and prioritised focus on the best potential athletes and most productive processes.


We will:

  • Develop collaborative plans and action strategies.
  • Clearly define and be held to account for our roles and responsibilities.
  • Collaborate our individual efforts towards achieving shared goals.
  • Publicly recognise the contributions of others.


We will:

  • Invest time and resources to foster innovation.
  • Pursue opportunities for innovative collaboration.
  • Review our practices and processes to drive future directions.
  • Be courageous, challenge the status quo, and propose new ways and new ideas.


We will:

  • Communicate honestly and constructively with all teammates and other stakeholders.
  • Prepare, contribute and follow through with our commitments.
  • Abide by our professional and Departmental policies and procedures.
  • Show enthusiasm and energy in performing all our tasks and activities.
  • SASI Team Charter (PDF)

SASI Strategic Plan

Find out how the South Australian Sports Institute plans to help 'South Australian athletes take on and beat the world's best' in the SASI Strategic Plan 2013-2016 (PDF). SASI has developed a four pronged strategic approach involving:

  • targeted investment
  • collaborative partnerships and sustainable partnerships
  • world class services and operations, and
  • committed people and teams.

Australia's Winning Edge

Australia's Winning Edge is Australia's high performance sport game plan, developed by the Federal Government's Australian Sports Commission and Australian Institute of Sport. It plans to move Australia's international sporting performance and aspirations from world class to world best.

SASI along with other state sports institutes and academies have committed to align their strategic priorities and operations in support of Australia's Winning Edge.

Find out more about Australia's Winning Edge.

Our Facilities

SASI sports programs and athletes are supported with access to a comprehensive range of world class and specialist facilities to provide the highest quality daily training environments.

SASI Headquarters - Kidman Park Campus

SASI shares the Kidman Park campus with the Office for Recreation and Sport. SASI has a range of specialist facilities developed from adapting the former Kidman Park High School.

SASI Administration

SASI provides a central administration and support hub to its teams of staff including coaches, sport scientists and administrative support staff. Co-location and integrated team operations are  key elements of the SASI Team Charter and Strategic Plan.

Beach Volleyball

SASI has a world class high performance training centre for beach volleyball. It comprises four international standard competition courts  each under lights with associated use of SASI weight training, recovery and indoor training facilities.

SASI hosts and is home to the Volleyroos National Beach Volleyball teams and program.

Weight Training

SASI has a fully equipped weight training facility capable of accommodating up to 40 athletes per session. Equipment includes Olympic Platforms, free weights, pin loaded equipment as well as a range of force platform and video replay systems.


The Recovery Centre provides athletes with access to Hot and Cold Spa Baths, high pressure hot and cold showers as well as stretching and massage areas.

Performance Services

SASI has a comprehensive  complement of performance services , sport science and medicine related facilities and equipment.  Click here to view

  • Altitude Chamber
  • Movement Science /Biomechanics laboratory
  • Physiology lab
  • Performance
  • Analysis
  • Stadium

SASI has a dedicated single court multipurpose stadium. The stadium has a high quality board floor with marking for Basketball, Netball and Volleyball. The stadium is fitted with closed circuit cameras and interactive performance analysis media  for training monitoring and feedback.

Playing Field

SASI/ORS maintains a training standard multi –purpose grass playing pitch. The pitch is marked for Soccer (Football) and is a versatile training adjunct facility.

SASI High Performance Hub - Marion SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Integrated within the development of the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre (SAALC) the state government established a range of specific high performance  facilities for dedicated usage by the SA Sports Institute

SASI Coaches Hub

This administrative hub hosts the SASI high performance coaches


A state of the art  Hot and Cold Spa facility is available exclusive to SASI athletes and programs for recovery during training and competition.

Weight Training

A dedicated high performance weight training facility has been established with a full range of Olympic platform, free weight and pin loaded equipment. Video filming and analysis facilities are also integrated.

Diving Dry Land Training

The SAALC hosts SASI world class diving  dry land training centre. Equipped with a full range of dry boards  and platforms over pits and matts the facility is majestic. It is complemented with a comprehensive array of harnesses, trampoline and matt facilities as well as fully integrated video capture and feedback systems. In a unique world first the dry land facility had shared and direct access to the water diving towers and boards.

SASI Rowing - AM Ramsay Regatta Course

  • Boatshed
  • Regatta course
  • SASI Ergometer Training Facility
  • Murray River Camps

SASI Cycling - Adelaide Superdrome

  • International standard track
  • Electronic timing
  • Corporate facilities

Policies & Publications

SASI Policies

Office For Recreation and Sport : Sport Policies and Resources

SASI Annual Highlights and Awards

ORS Snapshots with SASI Highlights


Working at SASI


Employment at the Office for Recreation and Sport
The Office for Recreation and Sport employs a variety of people to meet its needs in a diverse range of recreation and sport functions.

Current Job vacancies

Please visit the Office for Recreation & Sport website for current job vacancies.

Internal applicants

The ORS is a State Government employer, with most positions only available to employees of the SA Public Service. All vacancies can be found at Jobs SA.

External applicants

Employment opportunities that are open to members of the public are advertised via relevant media such as The Advertiser, The Australian, online recruitment websites and local country papers. They are also advertised on the Office for Recreation & Sport website.

Overseas applicants

Please refer to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (IMMI) in relation to gaining approval to work legally in Australia.

For positions requiring essential qualifications, you will need to have your overseas qualifications assessed. This may be done through DIMA or by contacting theOverseas Qualifications Unit, English Language and Literacy Services, Adelaide Institute of TAFE.

Work Experience

Secondary students wishing to undertake work experience at the South Australian Sports Institute or the Office for Recreation and Sport should submit their request in writing before the end of March each year. All applications will be reviewed early April with the outcomes notified to all applicants shortly thereafter.

The Office for Recreation and Sport offers work experience opportunities for South Australian high school students each year across our diverse range of our business areas:

The following opportunities are available:

  • Sport and Recreation Development
  • South Australian Sports Institute
  • Facility Development and Infrastructure
  • Administration

For more information on each area, please refer to the 'about us' section on the Office for Recreation and Sport web site.

Recreation and sport is a popular choice for many students and the demand for work experience is significantly greater than the available opportunities.

Interested secondary students should prepare and Expression of Interest (EOI) including the following information;

  • the date of your placement
  • your educational background
  • how work experience at ORS will assist you in determining your career directions
  • what areas of recreation and sport you would like to gain work experience in (refer to the organisation structure)
  • any other information that demonstrates your desire for a placement at this office
  • the date you require a response.

Please address your EOI to:

Work Experience
Office for Recreation and Sport
PO Box 219
Brooklyn Park SA 5032

Email: DPTI.ORSHR@sa.gov.au

For further information or to obtain a copy of a document in an alternative format please contact:
Human Resources
Phone: 1300 714 990
Email: DPTI.ORSHR@sa.gov.au