Wes Battams was appointed as Director of the South Australian Sports Institute in 1998.

He has been at the forefront of high performance sport in Australia for more than twenty five years. He has held positions in the NSW University sector, NSW Government and with the NSW Institute of Sport prior to commencing with SASI. Wes is a former Chairman of Australia's National Elite Sports Council (NESC) and a former Regional Vice President (Oceania) of the international Association of Sport Performance Centres (ASPC).

Over the past six Olympiads, Wes has served on many National High Performance sport advisory and management committees for a range of sports including cycling, diving, beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. In 2014 Wes also served as a panel member of the National Institutes Network (NIN) Review. Wes Battams' qualifications include a DipT, B.Ed. and a Master of Physical Education from the University of British Columbia.


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