About SASI

What is SASI - Our mission - Our goals

Established in 1982, the South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) was Australia's first state sports institute. It is a division of the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing in the South Australian Government.

SASI identifies, develops and supports athletes with the potential to perform at the highest national and international levels of sport.

The institute works with sporting partners to conduct world-class intensive coaching and training programs and individual scholarship programs.

Delivering leading edge scientific and technical support, SASI supports the holistic development of athletes, coaches and staff.

SASI Team Charter

As team members and individual professionals we are committed, driven and guided by our team charter and culture.

We believe these principles and actions allow us to identify, support and develop South Australian athletes to take on and beat the world's best.

We will develop world class athletes and deliver the highest quality daily training environments and support services through:


We will:

  • Set aspirational goals and standards.
  • Consistently exceed goals and expectations in our key performance areas.
  • Benchmark our operations against our peers and the world's best.
  • Have a targeted and prioritised focus on the best potential athletes and most productive processes.


We will:

  • Develop collaborative plans and action strategies.
  • Clearly define and be held to account for our roles and responsibilities.
  • Collaborate our individual efforts towards achieving shared goals.
  • Publicly recognise the contributions of others.


We will:

  • Invest time and resources to foster innovation.
  • Pursue opportunities for innovative collaboration.
  • Review our practices and processes to drive future directions.
  • Be courageous, challenge the status quo, and propose new ways and new ideas.


We will:

  • Communicate honestly and constructively with all teammates and other stakeholders.
  • Prepare, contribute and follow through with our commitments.
  • Abide by our professional and Departmental policies and procedures.
  • Show enthusiasm and energy in performing all our tasks and activities.