About Us

The South Australian Sports Institute (SASI) identifies, develops and supports athletes with the potential to perform at the highest national and international levels of sport.

About SASI

Established in 1982, SASI was Australia's first state sports institute. SASI is a South Australian Government initiative, and is a division of the Office for Recreation and Sport.

Our game plan

Find out how the South Australian Sports Institute plans to help 'South Australian athletes take on and beat the world's best'.

Our staff

SASI staff members, including coaches, physiologists, managers, coordinators etc.

Our facilities

SASI sports programs and athletes are supported with access to a comprehensive range of world class and specialist facilities to provide the highest quality daily training environments.

Policies and publications

Strategic plans, annual highlights and awards, policies, and resources.


The Office for Recreation and Sport employs a variety of people to meet its needs in a diverse range of recreation and sport functions.