Athlete Support

The objective of the Personal Excellence initiative is to assist athletes to make informed decisions that impact performance in sport and life as they navigate through their high performance pathway.

The Personal Excellence program provides eligible athletes with career, education and support services including transitional support when experiencing personal and sporting changes. 

PE provides services to all SASI scholarship holders, and National Sporting Organisation athletes based in South Australia.

PE works closely with schools, universities, and other partners, to support athletes in coordinating their training, study and career workloads.

PE Process

How PE can help you / your Athlete

The PE Program tailors specific resources to reflect the individual needs and aspirations of athletes. This can include 1-1 / small group workshops across:

Career Pathways

  • Exploring individual values, skills and strengths
  • Understanding the changing world of work / Employer expectations
  • Implementing action plans to achieve career goals

Lifestyle Management

  • Time management and achieving balance
  • Developing your Brand, in person, online and on paper
  • Optimising sporting performance

Educational Guidance

  • Subject selection, VET, TAFE, University pathways
  • Exploring course options, and entry requirements
  • Balancing Study / Sporting commitments

Employment Preparation

  • Labour market awareness
  • Resumes and cover letter development
  • Job search and interviewing skills

Transitional Support

  • Helping with deselection, retirement, injury and relocation
  • Adjusting to significant changes in life circumstances
  • Setting goals for life after sport


For Athletes

For Coaching / Support Staff

For Parents / Significant Others

Mark Gregory
Personal Excellence Senior Adviser
Working days; Tuesdays and Fridays
South Australian Sports Institute
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
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